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Papaly is a simple webapp to manage your links in the simplest way possible. The idea is to make it easier to access them while letting you customize all fields down to the finest detail. The file included here is the Chrome extension, which lets you add the URL straight to your list of favorites.

Regardless of how you use the Papaly link manager, this app will make quick work of the job of saving a site in any of the main categories you've created. With one click on the icon, a menu will open from which you can change the name of the site, set a location for it inside any folder, or apply tags to help you find it faster.

Once you've saved a link, the Papaly tab icon will change from a + sign to a V, indicating the link has been added correctly. If you tap the button again, you can edit any of the fields or delete the link entirely.

All the info you store in Papaly gets saved to the cloud, so you can access it from any machine (desktop or mobile) by logging into your account and the links will sync across all your devices.
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